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Hill Medical Services is a fully accredited general practice that offers quality care to its patients by dedicated general practitioners utilising the most up to date systems.  We have GPs, 4 Div 1 Practice Nurses and a great team of professional administrative staff and Allied Health Professionals.

Hill Medical Services is committed to providing you with a great training environment.  You will have structured training to meet your individual learning requirements by interested and dedicated GPs, Practice Nurses, Managers, Allied Health Professionals and specialists.

Hill Medical Services has been involved in Training the next generation of General Practitioners for a number of years. We have a well established system and teaching program set up.  We have registrars from GPT1 right through to GPT4.  Our doctors, patients and registrars are all involved in this dynamic environment, and we encourage all doctors, registrars and medical students- to ask for advice at anytime.

We have dedicated teaching time every week that are based on registrar needs (both content and process). The content material is delivered by our supervisors or visiting specialists. 

As a registrar you will be supported and mentored throughout your placement here. This practice has a varied patient population and hence there are many learning opportunities.

At Hill Medical Services all our team are passionate about teaching. We have a large team involving nurses, senior doctors, GP supervisors, a whole range of allied health on site, thereby creating a team where the patient  can be looked after in virtually all aspects of their health.  There are always opportunities to discuss a particular patient's progress with the relelvant health professional to help achieve the best outcomes

Location / Demographics

  • Located in Noble Park in the City of Greater Dandenong (the most culturally diverse locality in Australia)
  • Varied demographic population

 Physical Layout

  • 2 bed fully equipped Treatment Room
  • Private tea room (with excellent espresso machine)
  • Private staff car park
  • Purpose built chronic disease management clinic with teaching facilities 
  • Dedicated Allied Health rooms including gym for excercise physiologsists

 Application Procedure

  • see RACGP website

 Onsite Services

  • Podiatrist, Diabetes Educator, Dietitian,  Exercise Physiologist
  • Visiting General Surgeon
  • Pathology Collection
  • Div 1 Nurses


  • Open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm - Monday to Friday
  • Offering flexible hours to GPR
  • No GPR on-call duties
  • Testimonials

  • Dr Julia Corfield-GPT4 Aug23-Feb 24

    Hill Medical Services is a wonderful practice to work as a registrar and it's obvious why so many return to work as qualified GPs! I thoroughly enjoyed learning from and working with patients across many diverse cultures and walks of life. I encountered many opportunities to be challenged clinically and develop as a GP. Within the workplace there is so much kindness, and it's obvious that this is a clinic where staff really care about not only the community but also each other. 

  • Dr Rebecca Xu-GPT1 Feb-Aug 23

    As a GPT1 at Hill Medical Services, I found the clinic a great place to begin my GP training. The environment is really supportive and all the staff from reception to nursing to doctors are very welcoming and approachable. There is a wide range of clinical exposure and the staff are always readily available to help, whether it be clinical advice or supervision of procedures. The teaching is very well structured with education from both the supervisors and visiting specialists. Overall an amazing place for any level of GP registrar training highly recommended!

  • Dr Christine Azouz-GPT1 Feb-Aug 23

    HMS was the best start to my career in general practice. All the supervisors are readily available, practical and approachable. There is structured teaching throughout the term and everyone is willing to help. It is the most supportive environment I have ever been in. 

  • Dr Patrick Harbour-GPT1 Feb-Aug 23

    Hill Medical was a great experience! I was here as a medical student and came back as GPT 1 registrar to continue learning with the clinic. The support from the consultants is outstanding, always available and very knowledgeable, with numerous supervisors in case one is busy. The patients are diverse and you see a wide range of pathology. This presents its challenges as you will have more responsibility than at other clinics, with lots of public referrals, but you will also be supported throughout. The nursing and admin staff are awesome/friendly/helpful and always able to deal with any other concerns you might have. It has also been enjoyable to work with other GPT1s, as there were three of us during this rotation, which was good to have during teaching and for informal chats during our breaks. Teaching was the best I've heard of from any other of my GP cohort. It was structured and weekly with formal and informal teaching. We had specialists come in to give talks as well as presentations from the GPs at Hill Medical. I think it's a testament that so many registrars have come back to work which can be seen in the previous testimonials.

  • Dr Nimita Origanti-GPT1-Feb -Aug 2022

    I completed my GPT1 term at Hill Medical Services and can honestly say that it was such a fantastic place to work. HMS is a really community-orientated clinic, and you become a very valued member of the team. As a junior registrar, I always felt very supported not only by my supervisors but also all of the doctors, nurses, and admin staff.  I would highly recommend working here, but especially to anyone who wants to challenge themselves in a well-supported way.

  • Dr Benjamin Liu-GPT1-Feb-July2021

    Working at Hill Medical Services has been an excellent starting point in my GP registrar training. The supervisors and other doctors, nurses and administrative staff are all very available and approachable, and full of practical knowledge and advice. There is a strong focus on teaching, both formal and informal. The patient demographic is truly varied and often presents challenges which will test and definitely improve your skills as a doctor. Having other registrars on site adds a nice touch of peer support too! I would readily recommend a placement at Hill Medical Services to registrars at any level of training.

  • Dr Bahadir Cem Demirdes-GPT1-Feb-July2021

    HMS great teaching environment that would be appropriate for any level of training. I had my GPT 1 placement with HMS and found all the staff to be extremely helpful and teaching orientated. The consult and treatment rooms are well equipped, organized and hygienic. The patient demographic is varied and there is a great spread of exposure to various medical conditions. The teaching program is excellent with weekly clinical meetings, approachable supervisors facilitating informal teaching and weekly structured formal teachings run by either supervisors or visiting specialists. With the accompanying registrars there is great peer support as well. Overall it is a clinic I would readily recommend to anyone.

  • Dr Su Mei Goh- GPT2-Aug 20-Feb 21

    I completed my GPT2 rotation at Hill Medical Services and had a fantastic experience at the clinic. There is a supportive and friendly culture amongst all staff at Hill Medical Services which makes it a great place to learn. The main supervisors Dr Dawood and Dr Ghaly are very supportive, approachable and always make themselves available to assist at any time. They also provide weekly structured teaching on a range of topics tailored to registrar preferences which I found very useful. The patient population is diverse and varied, giving a good mix of complex cases and learning opportunities for registrars. I would highly recommend Hill Medical Services to all prospective registrars.

  • Dr Bethany Reynolds- GPT2- Aug 20-Feb 21

    My experience at HMS was excellent. Despite the difficulties of starting at the height of the pandemic, I quickly became comfortable there. There was no pressure to see more patients per hour until I was comfortable. Accessible, knowledgeable, and supportive supervisors & nursing staff. Good experience with refugees and people from NESB.

  • Dr Stephanie See-GPT1- Feb-Aug 2020

    Hill Medical Services is a wonderful place to work with friendly and supportive supervisors and a strong team culture. Registrars have the opportunity to see and manage a wide variety of presentations and every day is different and interesting. Hill Medical Services offers a well organised and smooth program for registrars with a strong focus on teaching. All the staff including other doctors, nurses, allied health and reception staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I feel very lucky to have been part of the team at Hill Medical Services and would highly recommend this practice to future registrars at any level of training.

  • Dr Christina Ngo-Nguyen- GPT1- Feb-Aug 2020

    I am really happy that I came to Hill Medical for GPT1. I can’t comment on what GP training is usually like normally, but I can definitely attest to the support and care that we were given as registrars during Covid-19. I always felt as though my concerns and safety were taken into account. The supervisors and the rest of the GPs are all lovely and approachable – I was never made to feel as though I couldn’t ask for help. There is a wide variety of patient demographics and presentations. Overall, it is really a lovely working environment to be in (the practice manager, receptionists, nurses and allied health included).

  • Dr Angela Lovell- GPT3- Feb-Aug 2020

    I thoroughly enjoyed working at Hill Medical Services and would highly recommend the clinic to other registrars. I felt very well supported by the whole team. Admin are well organised, efficient and always happy to help. The support from nursing staff was exceptional particularly during the changing environment due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The supervision you receive is excellent, Dr Dawood and Dr Ghaly are fantastic GP’s who are very approachable and available for advice at any time.

  • Dr Andrew Rawlin- GPT3- Feb-Aug 2019

    Working at Hill Medical Services as GPT3 registrar was a fantastic experience. I worked there as part of the composite position with Bunurong Health Services in Dandenong. Under the guidance of Dr Dawood and Dr Ghaly, I always felt well supported and was provided great supervision. They were always available to discuss cases when I required, and quick to assist if I ever needed. Hill Medical is a well organised and efficient clinic, and the staff are friendly, helpful and approachable at all times. I was exposed to a broad patient population, along with some complex cases, however this added to the experience and really made me feel that I was experiencing the diversity that General Practice can offer. I would highly recommend this practice to any prospective registrar.

  • Dr Allara Walsh-Howe- GPT1 Full Time Feb - Aug 2018

    I thoroughly enjoyed my term with Hill Medical Services. As a GPT1 I was nervous about starting as a GP trainee, but the supervisors, other GPs, nurses and admin staff were all so welcoming and friendly that it was an easy transition. Everyone was always happy to assist if needed. Many of my patients were interesting or complex cases, which has given me more confidence managing these patients. The variety of patients and conditions has been wonderful for my learning and I was never bored! It was also great to have some other registrars there for some peer support. I would definitely recommend HMS as a supportive clinic with excellent learning opportunities for any GP trainee.

  • Dr Jerry Hsu- GPT1/2 Full Time Aug 2016-Feb 2017

    Hill Medical Services was amazing experience. The supervision and teaching here are superb, I always felt supported and was able to discuss and clarify my questions fully. The supervisors, as well as all the doctors at this practice, were always happy to answer any questions. Teaching was well-structured with occasional visiting specialists which were helpful. In general, the practice is very organised and well-run with an easy-going vibe at the same time. It is not often that you see a bulk-billing clinic that strives to provide such high quality care to its patients. I would definitely recommend this practice to registrars for an unparalleled learning experience and much more. 

  • Dr Mary-Ann Boulos- GPT1 Full Time Feb-Aug 2016

    HMS is a delightful place to work. As a junior registrar, I felt that I was a welcomed addition to the practice, felt supported and encouraged to learn as well as to ask lots of questions. Supervision and access to a supervisors (Dr Fouad and Dr Tereza) was available around the clock. Teaching is superb and flexible to meet registrar needs and cases. In general, a place Id recommend for registrars and I would definitely love to come back to and work in the future. 

    Mary-Ann hs now returned to work to Hill Medical Services after completing her training.

  • Dr Jonathan Tong-GPT1 Full Time Feb-Aug 2016

    Hill Medical Services is an amazing place to work at, for the following reasons:

    1)      Exceptional supervisors & doctors – who are not only highly competent clinicians but who also genuinely care deeply for their patients and families. They are always approachable and actually enjoy teaching which makes for a productive learning environment.

    2)      Great staff – the administrative & reception staff, allied health, nursing and medical staff all make you feel like you are a member of the family and are resourceful, friendly and helpful.

    3)      Interesting & varied patients – a great clientele mix, including paediatrics, geriatrics, acute & chronic medicine, minor surgical procedures, family planning, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, refugee health, drugs & alcohol, and mental health.

    4)      Fantastic peer support – working with other registrars on-site makes work fun, safe and enjoyable.

    All in all, a great practice that I really enjoyed working at and would love to return to one day!

  • Dr Carmen Yau- GPT3 2014

    I did my GPT3 term at Hill Medical and had a great time there! I saw patients from many different cultures which was an incredibly enriching experience, and one that I had not experienced elsewhere. I looked after patients from all ages, and so had the chance to manage not only acute medical issues but also become more familiar with managing the more complex patients with chronic conditions. I was very well supported by not just my two supervisors at the clinic, but also by all the other doctors at the clinic who were all very approachable and keen to teach. I also found the nursing and reception staff to be fantastic and would certainly go out of their way to help me as much as they could to make my day as smooth as possible. All in all, it is a great teaching clinic, and I have been fortunate to have done a 6 month term there.

    Carmen is now a permanent GP here at Hill Medical Services.

  • Dr Aaron Soon- GPT1 2014

    Working at Hill Medical Services in Noble Park was a great learning experience and so much fun.  The entire staff were accommodating and supportive during my time there and there was a great team dynamic.  Rarely, do you have such an environment at a bulk billing clinic where there is such a commitment to good quality medical care and patient centred medicine.  I definitely plan on coming back!

    Aaron is planning to join Hill Medical Services as a permanent GP in November 2016!


    Dr Alyson Kelly-GPT1 Part time 2013

    I was fortunate to undertake my GPT1 part time for a year at HMS.  It is the kind of practice where you can feel at home right from the beginning and considering the registrar years are such a steep learning curve that support is tantamount.  At Hill Medical you work as part of a team which is so important as a large number of our patients have complex health problems and additional supports are needed for them to participate fully in the healthcare system.  There was a good opportunity to develop a patient base so that the work entails both acute and chronic presentations.  I really enjoyed our teaching sessions as they allowed discussions of cases as well as didactic teaching and also provided an opportunity to debrief on the medicine conducted within the walls and engage in discussions on health and medicine in the wider community and in the media. Having allied health present was very helpful for my patients but also for my learning with staff happy to help with questions.   During my time at HMS I have developed my knowledge and skills as a doctor and there is no limit to the breadth: diagnosing appendicitis; managing depression; treating diabetes; arranging travel vaccinations; undertaking cancer surveillance in patients with hepatitis B; identifying melanoma; supporting preventative health activities; introducing different contraceptives; eradicating scabies; teaching progressive muscle relaxation - and then it is time to go home and get ready for the next day.  Sometimes it is really nice to get to reassure a patient with a cold!

    Alyson has returned to work at Hill Medical Services!

  • Dr Jomini Cheong- PGPPP 2013

    During my time at Hill Medical Services during a PGPPP rotation (GP Resident), I felt very welcome working with the staff and other GPs there as well as part of the Hill family. Everyone was genuinely friendly and went out of their way to help out and I was impressed with their level of enthusiasm and professionalism. I was able to experience first hand the great relationship that Hill Medical had with their patients over the many years they have been open and is now an essential community institution.

  • Dr Andriy Boyko-GPT1 & 2-2012

    I had the pleasure to spend both of my GPT1 and GPT2 at Hill Medical Services and would highly recommend this practice to any registrar.

    Hill MedicalServices provided a fantastic medical infrastructure but maintained a family-orientated environment with firm support from medical, nursing and administrative stuff.  On a personal level, I am grateful how the practice allowed me to learn and develop to my potential yet indulge in my personal interests outside of work - a GPs dream!

    The fascinating demographic of Noble Park provided a large spectrum of medical cases and experiences that you would struggle to find in many other areas.

    My supervisors provided me with outstanding support and in my opinion still remain an example of what good clinicians should be like.

    I spent a terrific year at Hill Medical Services and would strongly encourage other registrars to come here for a placement!


51 Chandler Road, PO Box 683,
Noble Park, VIC 3174

Ph: 03 9562 4766 
Fax: 03 9546 0883

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